PS5 Screen Tearing: How to Fix Screen Tearing on Play Station 5?

Everyone wants to have a perfect PS5 game experience. To have this, the video quality of the games that one will play must be exceptional.

But what if your PS5 starts screen tearing? Read on, and you will see how easy it is to fix the PS5 screen tearing problem.

What is PS5 Screen Tearing?

Screen tearing is a common problem on play station 5. It is also an issue that happens in many monitors and TVs.

Screen tearing is best described as videos and images that are cut, distorted, or entirely out of sync.

What is the Main Cause of PS5 Screen Tearing?

In layman’s terms, screen tearing happens when the graphic cards continue to release displays, and the monitor cannot catch up or render every display that the graphic cards release.

This usually happens if your monitor or TV is a lesser refresh rate than the required frame rate of the video game you will be playing.

How to Fix the PS5 Screen Tearing?

Image showing Screen Tearing: u/aero23h Reddit

Before proceeding with the fixes, you must understand the relationship between the video game, your PS5’s graphics card, and your TV.

Note that video games have a required frame rate that your graphics card must release for your TV to have a better video display. These three things must work hand in hand to ensure that everything is in sync for better game performance and experience.

However, if one of these will not function well or is ultimately not compatible with the others, your video display will garble.

So, you must first check if the game, your PS5, and your TV all meet the required frame rate and refresh rate and are compatible with each other.

1. Check the Resolution and Refresh Rate

Try changing the resolution and refresh rate and see if it will fix the PS5 screen tearing issue.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. Go to your PS5’s settings by clicking the cog or gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Look for Screen and Video.
  3. Select Video Output.
  4. Select Resolution.
  5. Choose the required resolution.

Note: You may also check the screen and video settings by going to the HDR tab, where you can toggle if you wish to work with 4K. Make sure that your TV can support 4K, though, for this to work. Otherwise, the HDR tab will be grayed out if your device is not 4k capable.

If you are still experiencing the same issue, try checking the cord to see if it will fix it. (Especially if you either have a new TV or a new console.)

2. Check your TV’s Video Settings

If the game and your PS5 are in sync, you might need to double-check the TV’s video settings.

Can your TV handle your game’s required frame rate and refresh rate? If not, you may need to update the TV’s resolution to match the game’s frame rate that you want to play. 

3. Check the V-Sync Settings

If you are a gamer, you will agree with this, V-sync plays a significant role in ensuring that the frame rate will stay as is when you are playing the game without compromising the refresh rate. 

If the V-sync is enabled, it prevents and stops the screen tearing. But you do need to enable this if both your GPU and TV can handle a much higher frame rate.

Depending on the video game you want to play, you may go to its specific settings to change, switch, or toggle the V-sync settings.

Note: Although enabling V-sync solves the ps5 screen tearing, it may sometimes cause your PS5 to stutter. So before you change the V-sync settings always remember that you may encounter PS5 stuttering issue, which you need to further deal with.

4. Check the Graphics Card Drivers

The PS5 screen tearing issues primarily revolve around the game, the monitor, the graphics card, and its drivers.

There are some instances where a small graphics driver can potentially fix the PS5 screen tearing issue. Yes, all you just need to do is a quick update.

So, if you are still encountering ps5 screen tearing, check the graphic card drivers and see if you need to download the newest update or if you need to download a missing graphic card driver.

5. Check your PS5 for a Complete System Update

Another thing that you must check is your PS5’s system itself. You must ensure that the unit’s system is up to date.

However, if your PS5 was set to auto-update, you may try reverting its version to an older one where you were able to play the game without any PS5 screen tearing issue.

6. Contact Customer Support

Start calling customer support if you have performed all the basic troubleshooting and still experience the PS5 screen tearing issue.

This is an infrequent scenario but can still happen. Your PS5 unit might be a faulty unit that no matter how many times you troubleshoot and sync the devices, you will still get a PS5 screen tearing issue.

If proven that the issue is your PS5 unit itself, request a replacement unit if it is still under warranty. If not, you may need to buy a new one.


Fixing a PS5 screen tearing problem is easy since it is usually just about the devices’ resolution, frame rate, refresh rate, and device compatibility.

If you can figure out which one affects the video quality, you can quickly fix it by following the six ways to fix a PS5 screen tearing problem.

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