What Is EC FW Update Tool? How to Update EC Firmware Using It?

Computers are quite a complex tech – with so many small parts inside. Amongst the many components that are part of your computer, there’s this small chip known as the Embedded Controller (EC).

Keeping the firmware of your EC up to date is really important, and that’s where an application known as the EC FW update tool comes into the picture. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

What Is an EC FW Update Tool?

Do you know what an EC FW update tool is? Let’s first couple a few basic factors related to this tool.

Well, you use this tool to update the firmware of the Electronic Controller that’s installed on your motherboard. Now, another question arises: What is an Embedded Controller, and why is it important?

The Embedded Controller is a tiny chip that sits on your motherboard. It does have some built-in memory, and this memory stores its firmware. This firmware actually plays a very important part in regulating certain functions of components that are connected to the motherboard.

For example, the Embedded Controller controls things like the power buttons on your computer. It’s also responsible for controlling certain peripherals and hardware that you attach to your computer, such as your keyboard and mouse.

How to Update the EC Firmware Using the EC FW Update Tool?

What Is EC FW Update Tool? How to Update EC Firmware Using It?
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The way you use an EC FW update tool really depends on the motherboard you have. It’s important to realize that companies use different types of processes to update the Embedded Controllers on their motherboards. It’s often brand-specific. For example, Gigabyte has its own method for updating the Embedded Controllers, and the same with Intel – and these are only two motherboard manufacturers.

The process is usually quite easy, but be sure to follow any instructions that the manufacturer offers. You’ll usually connect to the motherboard using a USB cable – and once you’re connected, you will run the software that you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

The EC FW update tool will now give you instructions on the screen. Yes, there are on-screen instructions that the updater tool gives you. You need to carefully follow those instructions one by one. In fact, you’ll have to follow every step correctly to ensure you can download and install the firmware without causing problems.

Apart from following the instructions that you get when you launch the EC FW update tool, you also have to ensure that you have the right firmware for your motherboard and bios. Some manufacturers have an “auto detection” tool that can read your computer’s hardware information. This allows the software to tell you what EC FW you require to update this chip.

If you can’t find this type of software, then go into your computer’s bios to get more information about the specific motherboard you have. Now, head over to the manufacturer’s website and search for the specific model and see if there are any new updates available.

Lastly, you also have to consider whether there are any risks in the process of updating the firmware. Yes, it’s usually safe to do the EC firmware update and no, you don’t necessarily need to take your computer to a local shop.

However, if something goes wrong during the update process, then it is possible that you may brick your Embedded Controller. And if this happens, then you’re going to face trouble. Now, when the motherboard “bricks,” then there are often cases where you won’t be able to do anything to make it work properly again.

What Are The Benefits Of Updating The EC Firmware?

There are a couple of reasons why you should regularly check to see if there are updates for your EC firmware. Maybe you’ve been having trouble with some components in your computer lately. For example, the power button may not always work as you expect it to. Or perhaps the components that you connect to the motherboard have problems.

Sometimes, the fix lies in simply updating your EC firmware. If you do this update, you may find that these problems go away. This is often due to bug fixes that the manufacturer adds to these firmware updates.

Plus, you’ll also give yourself the opportunity to get access to the latest features that the manufacturer has developed for your motherboard’s EC chip. In many cases, there are security vulnerabilities that manufacturers also fix through firmware updates, which can add a greater level of protection against hacking and other security threats.


Using the EC FW update tool and regularly updating your Embedded Controller’s firmware can be very helpful in ensuring you gain access to the latest features.

Sure, there are a couple of risks that you have to take into account, but following these instructions can help you update the firmware safely. Plus, it’s something that can often help to get rid of problems with your EC and its related functions.




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