What Does A Blinking Green Light On Firestick Remote Mean?

You no longer need to buy another TV if you want a Smart TV to access multiple streaming sites on a big screen. You will need the internet, a streaming site account, and a Fire TV Stick, and you are ready to enjoy your favourite show.

But, if you notice that your Amazon firestick has a blinking green light, you might have trouble with your remote control.

So, Why is my fire stick remote flashing a green light? What does a blinking green light on firestick remote mean? What does it indicate? Well, read on and learn more about the green light’s status in your Firestick remote control.

What does the Green light on the Firestick remote mean? 

In typical scenarios, a green light will be on your Firestick remote when you turn it on. It is a good sign that your remote is connected to the Fire TV Stick. It will automatically turn off once the pairing is complete. This is a regular occurrence whenever you turn on your TV, and your Firestick remote automatically pairs with the Fire TV Stick.

When the green light is turned on, it means that you can now use the Firestick remote to control the TV. However, if your remote control shows a blinking red light, your Amazon Firestick remote is not connected to your Fire TV Stick.

What does it Mean if you see a Flashing/Blinking Green light on Firestick remote?

What Does A Blinking Green Light On Firestick Remote Mean?

Another reason that your Firestick remote blinks green is when you are troubleshooting. You can activate it by holding the Rewind and Right buttons for three seconds.

When you activate it, the LED light on the Firestick remote turns green. As you press any key on the remote, the LED light will turn to another colour depending on the problem found. You may see Red with fast or slow blinking, Orange, White, or Blue.

LightImplicationHow to Fix
Red (fast blinking)The Firestick remote has a low batteryReplace the batteries with new ones
Red (slow blinking)A problem in the Firestick remote was foundYou can hard reset the Firestick remote
AmberThe Firestick remote is looking for a device to pair withThe first thing you may try is to power cycle the Fire TV Stick
Amber (slow blinking)It is the opposite of the green light, which means that the Firestick remote is not successfully paired with your Fire TV StickTo restart the Firestick remote: First restart the Fire TV Stick. After a minute, pair the Firestick remote to the device by holding the home button for 10 seconds. Wait until a green light blinks as a sign that your remote is paired successfully.
WhiteThe Fire TV Stick is turned offTurn on the Fire TV Stick. If it does not work, restart the device
BlueThere is no issue with the remote, which can mean that the problem might be in the Fire TV Stick itselfTo restart the Fire TV Stick: Unplug the device from the TV. Remove the batteries from the Firestick remote. Wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging the Fire TV Stick back into the TV and the batteries into the remote. Pair the remote with the TV by holding the home button for 10 seconds. A green light will blink, indicating that your remote is paired successfully. Press play to start

FAQs regarding blinking Green light on Firestick Remote:

Is blinking green light a sign? How can I tell if my Amazon Fire TV Stick is connected to my Firestick remote?

Instructions will appear on your TV screen when setting up your Fire TV Stick for the first time and pairing the Firestick remote.

If there are no instructions, hold the home button for 10 seconds until the green light blinks. As already said before, the green light will be your sign that the remote is successfully paired to the device. Press the play button and select your language. Connect your device to your wifi and sign into your Amazon account.

What does the yellow light mean on my Fire TV?

Instead of a green light, if you see a yellow light on your Firestick remote, there is an internet connection problem. There are two ways you may solve this issue. The first is by restarting your router. Another way is disconnecting your Fire TV Stick from the Wi-Fi and signing onto it again.

However, the connection may also be due to weak or slow Wi-Fi. Make sure that your TV is in a good spot.

Can I use Amazon Fire TV Stick without internet?

The Fire TV Stick home page and the streaming apps will not load without the internet. Additionally, the internet speed must be at least 3 MB per second for standard definition, while at least 5 MB per second if you want to watch in high definition.

Can I still use the Amazon Fire TV Stick without an Amazon Prime account?

Using Fire TV Stick does not require you to have a subscription to Amazon Prime. Other streaming sites are installed on the device, such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Sling TV, Peacock, and more.

Aside from watching your favourite shows, you may also groove with the music as they have Amazon Music, Spotify, and other music streaming sites. However, you need an Amazon account to log in to the Fire TV Stick.


You might see various colours in your remote and need help figuring out what to do. Keep in mind that the green light is a good sign that your device is properly working and that your remote is paired to your TV successfully. However, do watch out for the other colours as it is a sign that there is a problem.

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