How To Add Xbox Friends On PS4? Can You Actually Add Xbox Players On PS4?

Playing with your favorite offline and online friends makes every game experience worthwhile. However, this is only possible if your game consoles allow you to cross-play or add your friend from another platform. Xbox and PS4 are among the platforms that most game enthusiasts use. The question is, “How to add your Xbox Friends on PS4?”.

So, can you add Xbox friends on PS4? Do PS4 and Xbox support cross-play? How to add Xbox friends on PS4?

Don’t worry, In this article, you will learn cross-play & cross-platform basics and how to add your Xbox friends on PS4 quickly..

Can you add Xbox friends on PS4? Do PS4 and Xbox support adding friends to play?

How To Add Xbox Friends On PS4? Can You Actually Add Xbox Players On PS4?
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Xbox and PS4 are two different consoles with completely different hardware and software. So, Technically, you can’t add an Xbox user or account on your PS4 unless the game is a cross-play game.

So, if the game falls into this category, you can effortlessly add your Xbox Friends on PS4. Otherwise, you cannot add your Xbox friends on PS4 nor will you be able to play with them together.

But, what is cross-play? And how to add Xbox friends on PS4 with cross-play?

Nowadays, most people are using cross-platform and cross-play interchangeably. Though they have the same purpose, which is to allow users to play on one server, the word cross-platform is mainly associated with the adaptability and capability of the game to work on different platforms.

One example is the Fortnite game which you can download on any laptop with a different OS.

On the other hand, cross-play is a term used for an online game that allows you to play with other online gamers regardless of the hardware and platform they are using.

For example, you want to play Fortnite with your friends, but you are using Xbox, while your friends use PS5. Technically, you can’t join the pack since you are using a different console and server, which may lead to some technical issues. But, since Fortnite is a cross-platform game, you can cross-play and join the cross-play game server with your friends without worrying about compatibility issues.

Thus, with cross-play technology, you can indeed add your Xbox friends on your PS4 and play a cross-platform game with them together.

Adding Xbox friends on PS4: How to Enable Cross-play on PS4?

Always check if your cross-play Settings is on before you start searching for your friend’s Xbox ID. Follow the steps below to enable the cross-play on PS4.

Step 1. Press the PS4’s Home Button.

Step 2. Go to the Settings page.

Step 3. Look for PlayStation or Account Management.

Step 4. Look for Enable Cross-Play or Allow Cross Platform Parties.

Step 5. Once you spot the cross-play settings, toggle the button to turn it on.

Your PS4 is now ready to add your Xbox friends and, of course, for the game.

How to Add Your Xbox Friends on PS4?

How to Add Your Xbox Friends on PS4?
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If a particular game supports cross-platform or cross-play, you can indeed invite any of your Xbox friends, add them on to your PS4 and thus play together. However, we will do a step-by-step tutorial to see exactly how it’s done for those new to this.

Step 1. Connect your PS4 to the Internet

Make sure you have a stable internet connection before you add your Xbox friends on PS4.

Step 2. Select Friends from your Home Screen.

Step 3. Locate the Search Tab.

Usually, the Search Tab is located on the left side of your PS4 screen.

Step 4. Select Search.

Step 5. Start searching for your friend’s Xbox account.

You may use your friend’s Xbox Account ID and or their registered name. But we suggest you stick to searching your friend’s account through their Xbox Account ID. This is way easier to find your friend’s Xbox account since each Xbox Account ID is unique from the other.

Also, if you opt to search using their real name or their Xbox registered name, the system will show a list of accounts with the same name. It becomes more challenging for you to identify which account belongs to your friend.

But if this is way easier for you to do than to search their Xbox Account ID, select the account that you think belongs to your friend. After selecting it, you will find more of their Xbox account details.

Another way to search for your friend’s Xbox account is to select the Played Together tab. This is only applicable if you and your friend have played a cross-play game earlier. The Played Together tab keeps the record of the people you interacted with when you played the online cross-play game.

Step 6. Hit the ‘Add to Friends’ option.

Once you pull up the account, you see ‘Add to Friends’ tab right next to your friend’s account. Select it, and the system will send the friend request to your friend. Your friend will immediately see the request if your friend is online.

You can start playing the cross-play game right after your friend accepts your request.


Cross-plays and cross-platform plays both play a vital role in the gaming community, and the birth of cross-play makes the gamers’ life easier and more connected to other people in the gaming community.

What are you waiting for? Set up your cross-play and find new Xbox friends and add them onto your PS4 now.

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