Kindle Fire Black Screen of Death: What Causes It and 3 Easy Ways To Fix It

Kindle Fire black screen of death is a common Kindle Fire issue.

It may be something you need to worry about. But, there are some cases in which the black screen of death is just a minor problem that can easily be fixed.

So what is the kindle fire black screen of death? What causes it? And finally, How do you fix the black screen of death on your Kindle Fire? Let us see..

What is the Kindle Fire Black Screen of Death?

Amazon has developed the Kindle Fire as one of the most competitive gadgets. However, like other gadgets, the Amazon Kindle Fire is not bug-free. It doesn’t even have immunity from user-caused issues.

Among these issues is the Kindle Fire black screen of death. This issue pertains to the tablet refusing to turn on or show the main screen. To some, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. But first, you must learn the leading causes of Kindle Fire Black screen of death.

What Causes Kindle Fire Black Screen of Death?

There are several reasons why your Kindle Fire suddenly stopped working.

Yes, Kindle fire may show a black/blank screen –

  • after a software update,
  • after it dropped onto the floor,
  • if some buttons are not working,
  • if its battery is just super drained.

Whichever the reason, today we will give you the possible fixes for the Kindle Fire black screen of death.

So, How to Fix the Black Screen of Death on your Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire Black Screen of Death: What Causes It and 3 Easy Ways To Fix It
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Unless the black screen is caused by severe hardware/software issues, fixing the Kindle Fire black screen of death is pretty much easy.

So, here are the most common and effective fixes for the Kindle Fire’s black screen of death.

Fix 1: Press the power button and the volume button multiple times.

This may sound absurd, but one of the common reasons your Kindle Fire has a black screen issue is that the power button is stuck.

Thus, you must first check the power button before jumping to conclude that your Kindle Fire is broken and needs to be thrown away.

However, sometimes dust particles and other tiny objects too may hinder the power button from functioning well. Thus before you start continuously pressing your Kindle Fire’s power button, ensure that you have cleaned the dust particles stuck on it.

Fix 2: Charge your Kindle Fire.

Depending on the status of your Kindle Fire, this fix may come first or second. Granting, however, that your Kindle Fire’s battery has long been drained, you may first charge the device before you perform step number 1.

Make sure that the device is wholly connected to the functional charger, and at the same time, the charger must be connected to a working power strip or power outlet. Then, leave the Kindle Fire’s battery for a couple of minutes to charge.

You may leave the device plugged into its charger for at least 10 minutes. So if the issue is simply a drained battery, then your Kindle Fire will start showing the battery percent indicator while it is still charging. Fortunately, your device must start working once you turn it on.

Fix 3: Factory reset your Kindle Fire.

This is the final resort if your Kindle Fire still has a black screen of death issue after trying both fixes above. This fix only works if your Kindle Fire can still be charged. Of course, it may not show any picture on the screen, but as long as it vibrates or gives that sound when you plug in your charger, this method works.

Take note that putting your Kindle Fire into factory reset will wipe out all your data on the tablet. Thus, if you are keeping important stuff in your Kindle Fire, you might consider checking its warranty. If it is still under warranty, bring your Kindle Fire to the store and let their technician retrieve the data for you.

Once the important data is saved, you may ask them to further check your Kindle Fire, if it is under warranty. If yes, you may ask them to replace it. If it is not, you may take your chances and have the Kindle Fire factory reset.

Here’s how you reset your Kindle Fire.

Step 1. Connect your Kindle Fire to a charger.

When you connect your charger to the device, take note of the device vibrating or making a sound indicating that it is charging. If it does not vibrate or make a sound, give it some time to have some power. Your Kindle Fire might be super drained.

However, if it vibrates or makes a sound when you plug in the charger, proceed to the second step.

Step 2. Perform the Kindle Fire factory reset.

The Kindle Fire’s factory reset button combination is similar to most android phones and tablets. All you need to do is press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.

Hold these buttons for 10-30 seconds or until you see changes on the screen.

If this step is done successfully, the factory reset screen will appear. You may use the volume buttons to select the options you want to perform.

The volume up button functions as the arrow up button, while the volume down functions as the arrow down button. On the other hand, the power button functions as the confirm button or okay button. Then, you may select ‘factory reset.’

In some cases, it will show ‘wipe data’ instead of ‘factory reset.’ Whichever you choose, both options function the same. Both will wipe off your data and may debug your Kindle Fire putting it back to an older version where your Kindle Fire may work.

In scenarios where the third step might not work, then you may need to have your Kindle Fire checked by a technician thoroughly. Or you may call Kindle Fire’s customer support for help and probably for a replacement of Kindle Fire.


The Kindle Fire black screen of death issue is caused by severe software or hardware problems. The above fixes must bring your Kindle Fire back to life. Otherwise, you may need to have a new Kindle Fire.

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