Can You Use Yuzu Without a Switch: How to Setup Yuzu Without a Switch?

The innovative Yuzu platform attracts hundreds of thousands of users, and with its growing community, some wonder if the Yuzu emulator works without a Nintendo switch. If so, how?

In this article, you will understand the basics of the Yuzu emulator and whether it is possible to use yuzu without a Switch.

So, can you use yuzu without a switch? Is it actually possible? How to setup yuzu without a switch? Let us see everything..

Firstly, What is Yuzu?

Can You Use Yuzu Without a Switch? How to Setup Yuzu Without a Switch?

Yuzu emulator was developed in 2018 after the Nintendo Switch was released. Its primary function is to legally mimic another program or software’s functionality and features from the main source to a different program or device.

This means that it allows you to use an incompatible device to run a specific program. For example, for you to be able to play the games from your Nintendo Switch to your phone or computer, you need to use an emulator to copy the program, features, and its functionality.

Copying the program and its features using the Yuzu emulator makes the games playable on your other device.

Understanding Yuzu-Switch Compatiability & Requirements

For you to successfully play your favorite game from your Nintendo Switch, you must meet the following requirements below.

For ComputersRequirements
Operating System64-bit
CPUIntel i5-4430 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Memory8GB RAM
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 520, Nvidia GeForce GT 1030
For IOSAt least iOS 10
For AndroidAt least Android 5
For Web AppRequirements
Chromestable channel
Firefoxrelease channel
Internet Explorer11+
Microsoft Edge
Mobile Safari9+
Chrome for Androidstable channel

Primary requirements:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • At least 32GB SD card
  • Biskeydump
  • Hekate
  • Copy Script
  • RCM Jig (recommended)
  • TegraRCM Smash
  • Zadig

The requirements listed above must be met for the Yuzu emulator to work. You may also visit the Yuzu website for additional info. Their site has a thorough step-by-step process of downloading and installing the emulator.

Can You Use Yuzu Without a Switch? The Big Question

The issue of whether or not you can use Yuzu without a switch is debatable. There are some that say Yuzu will work without a switch. In contrast, others say that you cannot use Yuzu without a switch. This is because the switch is one of its primary requirements.

Why can you not use Yuzu without a Switch? This is because there is no available process or method that lets you dump system files and games from the consoles to Yuzu, and most importantly, you need to have a set of unique keys and NAND back up for the Yuzu emulator to work.

However, some people could pass through this and get the Yuzu emulator working without a switch. But don’t get this wrong. This is not a traditional and legal way to use the Yuzu emulator. Also, we don’t advise you to do this trick as it may cause some technical issues or mess up your device’s settings and installed software.

But if you are willing to take the risk, you may find some links and trends that will guide and help you use the Yuzu without a switch.

Additionally, you would also need some keys that you can use. Unfortunately, we cannot verify whether all of the keys you find online will work. If you need some switch dumps, you can also find them online. Either way, you can try setting up your Yuzu using those keys at your own risk.

You can also find several Reddit posts about using a Yuzu without a switch. But then again, most of the trends do not show if the person installing it successfully used Yuzu without a switch. At the same time, some of these trends lead people to join their discord community instead.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Yuzu without a Switch

Instead of cracking codes and pirating keys and games, why not use Yuzu with a switch instead?

There are many reasons you should use Yuzu without a switch, but these numbers cannot outweigh the benefits that you get if you use the product legally.

Apart from that, if you meet all the requirements to install and use Yuzu, you will have smooth-running video games. Your device, other apps, and software will run smoothly, too.

Keep this in mind, to use Yuzu without a switch means you need to have someone who will willingly share their keys and have their files from their Switch copied to your Yuzu for your device to work with the games.

For now, this is how Yuzu works. But as Yuzu expands its business and its products, they might make the program more user-friendly, allowing users to use Yuzu without a switch in the future.


Using Yuzu without a switch is somehow an illegal act that may damage your device, apps, software installed. These are the reasons why we recommend that you should use Yuzu legally.

But if you choose the other way around, you must be patient enough to google dump files and keys or find a good Yuzu emulator and games repacks for Yuzu to work and for you to enjoy the games.

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