How to Get Bluetooth on PC without an Adapter?

Bluetooth connectivity allows us to share files from one device to another. However, not all devices have built-in Bluetooth connectivity features.

One such major device that lacks Bluetooth connectivity is our PC. So how to get Bluetooth on PC without an adapter?

This article will unleash the best methods on how your PC gets access to Bluetooth without using any Bluetooth adapter.

How to Get Bluetooth on PC without an Adapter?

How to Get Bluetooth on PC without an Adapter?
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There are several ways that will allow us to get Bluetooth on a PC without using an adapter. But the cheapest, best, and easiest way is through Bluetooth Expansion Card.

But, what is a Bluetooth Expansion Card?

The Bluetooth expansion card or PCI cards are used to either establish Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. These cards have an antenna that boosts the connection. However, these cards need professional assistance to be perfectly installed. 

Unlike the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dongles that you can easily plug into the computer, installing these cards may be a little complicated since they need to be installed in the computer’s motherboard. 

How to Install Bluetooth Expansion Card / PCI card?

Before you begin the installation process, you must have the following:

  1. Your computer.
  2. Your Bluetooth Expansion Card or PCI cards
  3. Your computer or your computer box’s manual. 

We created a guide for you to easily install the PCI/Bluetooth expansion card.

13 Easy Steps to Get Bluetooth on PC without an Adapter (Using a Bluetooth Expansion Card)

How to Get Bluetooth on PC without an Adapter using a bluetooth expansion card
  1. Disconnect the power cord: For safety purposes, you need to make sure that the computer is completely turned off and the computer’s power cord is unplugged from the power strip or power outlet.
  2. Remove all the cables at the back of the computer: After unplugging the power cord, carefully remove the cords at the back of the computer. You need to do this because you need to open the computer box.
  3. Wait for your computer to cool down: After you unplug the power cord, let your computer rest for a couple of minutes for it to cool down. This way, you can make sure that the computer won’t generate any static charge.
  4. Open your computer’s box: If you haven’t tried opening your computer box yet, it is advisable that you read your computer’s manual and follow through the steps on how to open your computer box. 

But here’s a general step on how to open your computer box.

  • Lay the computer box on your workstation, or table.
  • Make sure that you have easy access to the back part of the computer box.
  • Loosen the screws on your computer box. (You may need a screwdriver on this part.)
  1. Check for available PCI slots: Most computer boxes have around one or two PCI card slots. Usually the PCI card slots are located just next to the graphics cards.

Note: You may refer to your computer or the motherboard’s manual to properly locate the PCI slots.

  1. Remove the metal protector: Each PCI slot usually has a bay associated with it. If there’s nothing connected to your PCI slot, it will be covered by a metal plate or metal protector. To remove the metal protectors, unscrew the screw or screws that lock the metal protector to the PCI slot.
  1. Remove the PCI card plate: Gently remove the new bluetooth expansion card/PCI card from its package. Avoid touching the card’s circuit. 
  1. Install the Bluetooth expansion card to the PCI slot: Attach the bluetooth expansion card to the available PCI slot that you want to use. Make sure that the bluetooth expansion card is properly installed before you put the PCI card plate back to the computer box. 
  1. Put back the PCI metal plate: Gently put back the metal plate to the box. Secure and lock it using the same screws you removed from the metal protector. Make sure that the screws are finger tight.
  1. Close your computer’s box: Put back the side panel of your computer. Use the same screw that you removed when you opened the box. Make sure that everything is properly secured and the screws are finger-tight.
  1. Set up your computer box:  Once you have successfully closed the box, put back the box at your workstation. Plug all the cords back in except those cords intended to be plugged in to the new PCI slot.
  1. Install drivers: Turn on your computer. Wait for the computer to load the operating system. Once it’s fully up, insert the disk drive that comes with the new bluetooth expansion card. After you insert the card, you will see a prompt on how to install the drivers.

Note: Some operating systems automatically detect the newly installed card. Only perform Step 13, if your system did not detect the drivers. Always remember, you need the drivers for the feature to work properly.

Also, restart the computer when needed.

  1. Plug in the designated cords: Once everything is up and running. Plug in the designated cords to the newly installed bluetooth expansion card.

Of course, installing the Bluetooth expansion card is the easiest way to get Bluetooth on a PC. However, if you don’t like the hassle of opening your computer box, you can buy a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle.

You can easily plug this dongle to your computer’s port. The only catch is, dongles are known to have some connectivity and speed issues. Thus, it would be better to purchase the Bluetooth expansion card instead. That’s it for today’s how-to guide.

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