Xbox Series X White Screen: What Causes It and How To Fix It?

One of Microsoft’s objectives is to always stay on top of the game, and the release of Xbox Series X proves that the company is true to what they are campaigning for.

The Xbox Series X made noise last November 2020, with public reviews stating that it could be the future of gaming. However, some members of the gaming community disagree entirely with it.

Xbox Series X may have some cool features, but the consoles are not bug-free that gamers strongly believe that Microsoft needs to double-think about making Xbox Series X or any of its Xbox consoles the future of gaming.

Among these issues that challenge Microsoft’s technical team is the Xbox Series X white screen. So, Why does your Xbox Series X show a white screen? What causes it? and How to fix the Xbox Series X white screen issue? Let us see..

What causes Xbox Series X white screen error?

It is usual for devices to have some technical issues regardless of whether it’s a new release. But, this is unacceptable as these technical issues keep gamers from playing their newly bought Xbox Series X.

Instead of enjoying their favorite game with their new-fangled console, these gamers end up frustrated fixing the software-caused technological errors. One of the most known issues of Xbox Series X is the white screen. This is a general login issue that happens from time to time.

The first Xbox Series white screen error was in the early days of its release in 2020, and just around January 2022, several gamers reported the Xbox Series X white screen again. But, these technical difficulties mainly occur when the user tries to log in to their account.

So, what exactly causes it? Is it a hardware failure or a software issue? Well, since this is not an isolated technical problem, this issue is either a software issue or a server problem, which means that you don’t have any control over it. So, How will you fix it then?

How to Fix Xbox Series X White Screen?

Xbox Series X White Screen: What Causes It and How To Fix It?
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Unlike the other Xbox Series X problems, the Xbox Series X white screen technical issue has been the easiest fix, since this is neither a hardware issue nor a user-induced technical issue.

Thus, don’t let your anxiety kick by when you experience the Xbox Series X white screen issue. Instead, follow the simple fixes below and start playing your favorite Xbox game.

Method 1. Remove – Add your Xbox account.

In 2020, most Xbox Series X owners experienced issues while logging into their Xbox Series X. What was more confusing back then was that the other Xbox accounts could log in without trouble.

But, some accounts are exempted from this. Instead of a successful login, the Xbox Series X keeps giving a passkey error message white screen regardless of whether the passkey they entered is correct.

This usually happens after you get your Xbox Series X’s software updated. Sometimes, this issue also occurs after you change some settings in your Xbox Series X’s settings.

Though this issue has been resolved, there are still instances that some Xbox Series X owners get this white screen.

Here’s how you fix it. Just Remove – Add your Xbox account.

Begin with Removing your Account from Xbox Series X:

Don’t hesitate to remove the account from your Xbox Series X console, as it will not affect your saved games. It won’t completely remove the installed games in your console unless you uninstall them.

Step 1. Hit the Xbox button on the Xbox controller.

Step 2. Select Profile and System.’

Step 3. Select ‘Settings.’

Step 4. Select Account.’

Step 5. Select the account you want to remove.

Step 6. Select ‘Remove to remove the account from your Xbox Series X console.

Now, Add back an Account to your Xbox Series X console:

Step 1. Press the Xbox button.

Step 2. Select Profile & System.

Step 3. Click Add or Switch.

Step 4. Click Add new.

Step 5. Key in the email address you want to add for the Xbox Series X profile.

Step 6. After you the email address, select Enter.

Step 7. Key in the password for your Xbox Series X profile.

Step 8. Hit Enter.

Step 9. Read and agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement.

Step 10. Select I Accept if you fully agree to the service agreement and privacy statement.

Step 11. Configure other settings like login and security preferences to secure your account.

That’s the easiest fix for Xbox Series X white screen problem during login. But, if this will not work, you may need to do some troubleshooting.

Method 2. Restart your Xbox Series X console.

Step 1. Press and hold the Xbox button on your Xbox console for ten (10) seconds. Or until it turns off completely.

Step 2. Turn it back on. You may power it on by pressing the Xbox button on your console or your Xbox controller.

Restarting the console must fix the issue, but if it won’t, call customer service and see if there is a reported white screen issue. If the white screen issue that your Xbox Series X console is experiencing is not an isolated technical problem, Microsoft’s customer support will help you fix it. Or, they may advise you to wait for a couple of minutes until they fully fix it on their end.

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