How to use USB Headset on Xbox One? Is it Actually Possible?

Xbox One was developed and created by Microsoft, and the company has been detailed in its specifications, enabling primarily only Microsoft devices to be used.

Microsoft has reasons for doing so, and here are as follows:

  • A non-gaming headset or low-quality headset has a high audio latency.
  • Xbox One is a gaming gadget, so should the other devices used in it be designed for gaming.
  • Low to no audio latency headsets are to better the gaming experience and not cause a delay with the sounds.

So what if you don’t have these Xbox one gaming headsets? Can you use other third-party USB headsets on xbox one? How to use or connect USB headset on xbox one? Is it actually possible? Don’t worry, we have this article ready for you.

Is it Possible to use USB headset with xbox one?

The straight answer to this question is yes. Yes, it is possible to use USB headset with xbox one, but only a few of them are actually compatible and work smoothly.

As much as we would like to buy those Xbox One headsets, the price is a little bit too much. If that happens, you can resort to third-party high-quality gaming headsets. Yes, there are various third-party USB headsets you can choose from, that are quite compatible with xbox one. You just need to find what brand best fits you.

More and more brands are creating quality headsets for Xbox One. You just need to be keen on choosing which. Just remember that you have to consider the physical features and their technicalities. Put into consideration the price as well.

If you opt to buy a third-party headset, you may also need to know how to use a USB headset on Xbox One. So, How to connect or use USB headset on xbox one? Can you use a USB headset on xbox one without any issues? Let us see everything..

What are the things you should have to use a USB headset on Xbox one controller?

You should have an audio adapter for your controller. The audio adapter will serve as a bridge for your headset and game controller.

The adapter will connect the third-party gaming headset to your Xbox One. It can help modulate your game audio, too.

The next thing that you should have is a USB headset. There are several types of headsets. Make sure that you buy a gaming headset compatible with your Xbox One.

Now that you have the things you need, the next thing you should do is familiarise yourself with how to connect and use a USB headset.

How to use USB headset on Xbox one? – 5 Things to Follow while connecting USB headset to your Xbox One

How to use USB Headset on Xbox One? Is it Actually Possible?
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Here are the steps that you need to follow religiously to ensure that your USB headset is connected correctly and entirely to your Xbox One.

  1. Cable Type: Make sure the USB cable’s type and size fit perfectly to your console, whether it has a 3.55 mm jack or the full headset adapter.
  2. Safety First: Though you have the option to choose whether you turn or let your Xbox stay on when you connect the USB headset, it would be best to turn off the device first.
  3. Connect the headset: Once you have them handy, you need to connect your headset and test it. Make sure the connection is finger-tight for a better game experience.
  4. Turn on and Update the controller’s firmware: Once you have successfully connected the headset, turn back on the device. Since a new device is in, you may need to update the controller’s firmware.

You may follow these instructions:

  • Click the Xbox button on your controller, then select the System.
  • Find the Kinect & devices
  • From there, look for Devices and Accessories
  • You should see your controller in the choices, click it, and see the Device info.
  • Proceed to the Firmware Version box, then click Continue.
  1. Test the headset. Start testing the headset by using it while playing with your friends.

Check if you can pick up sounds and if they can hear you without delay and if everything is perfectly working fine.

If you don’t like the audio, you may check the settings and see if you can tweak the sound.

That’s how easy it is to set up a third-party gaming headset on your Xbox One. If you wonder what headsets are compatible with Xbox One, we also have a list for you.

What are the Best XBOX One Compatible USB Headsets?

Here are some of the best third-party USB headsets that are compatible with Xbox One.

HyperX Cloud Stinger: It is a wired USB headset that is also budget-friendly but will surely satisfy you with quality.

It is only priced for $34.99, or we could at least say $35. It already comes with a 3.5mm jack. It secures your gaming experience with quality through reduced audio lags and little to no connectivity issues.

Its physical features are also a plus, comfortable enough for its price. The mic, headband, and ear cups are also flexible.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2: It is made specifically for gaming. Its competitive performance will give you the best gaming experience you want.

It offers fast audio, and it has spatial awareness. With this feature, you will experience next-level interaction in your game.

It is pricier than HyperX Cloud Stinger at $169, but it at least comes with a metal-quality build. The turtle beach elite pro, being noise-cancellation headphones, is also a plus.


It’s not easy to look for a third-party quality, compatible, and affordable gaming headset for your Xbox One. You may find a cheaper headset with lesser quality or a pricier headset with the best quality. Regardless, what brand and type you choose, you must be ready for the consequences.

If you want both quality and compatibility, we highly suggest buying an Xbox One headset instead. This way, you will have fewer issues, and you are also assured that it will work with your Xbox’s system.

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