How To Change Battery In Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

No one wants to have interrupted playtime, right? As much as possible, we hide in our bat caves to focus on the game that we are playing. But what if the thing that is putting you out of focus is your gadget’s controllers themselves?

Though we are already in the innovation and technology era, our gadgets still need a power source. For Oculus Quest 2 Controllers, the double AA alkaline batteries are a perfect match.

Though there is no definitive answer to the question of how long the controller’s battery will last. It depends on the amount of use, the quality of the batteries, and how frequently you use the batteries. So, what’s the oculus quest 2 battery life? A single charge of the Oculus Quest 2 controller’s battery will allow you to play for up to 50 hours.

But don’t worry when your controller’s batteries life runs out. I prepared a step-by-step instruction for you on how to get that frustrating delayed and bad battery changed.

So, How to properly open the oculus quest 2 controller cover? How to change batteries in the oculus quest 2 controller? How do you charge them? Let us see everything in-detail..

How To Change Batteries in Oculus Quest 2 Controller? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: First, Locate the battery compartment:

Most people, especially those not familiar with Oculus Quest 2, will have trouble finding the batteries compartment.

So, Where is the Oculus Quest 2’s battery compartment located?

The battery compartments are located in the lower half of the controllers’ grip. You can easily see this as an eject icon or arrow is printed on the cover itself.

Once you have located the battery compartment, we will now uncover it to take out the batteries. But, we must be very careful when you open it since there are units which compartments are a little hard to open. Thus, you need to be cautious in taking out the cover as putting more pressure may break it.

Step 2: How to properly take off Oculus Quest 2 Controllers’ battery cover?

  1. Check the eject symbol: Make sure that the little eject icon is pointing away from you.
  2. Press and Slide: There are some cases that the controller’s battery cover is jammed. If this is your controller’s case, just put enough pressure when pressing the cover to slide it open easily.

However, if you can’t open it still as it is super jammed. Then we may need some extra help from our beloved one-call-away thin tools to loosen the compartment’s grip from its socket. You can use a knife or a ruler, depending on which part is the battery’s compartment is stuck. Remember, your goal is to loosen the grip of the battery cover to pop it open. You don’t need extra force. 

Now that you have opened the compartment, it’s now time to change the batteries. So, go ahead and grab your double A (AA) replacement batteries. Oh, don’t worry if your batteries are non-rechargeable. As long as they are double As (AA), they are good.

Step 3: So, Now how to change the batteries in the oculus quest 2 controllers?

Okay, before you take the battery out, take note of how the battery was positioned. If the replacement batteries are set in the wrong way, your controller might malfunction or might not work at all. This is due to the batteries’ polarity, which allows the batteries to supply current to the device more efficiently.

  1. Locate and take note of the plus (+) and minus (-) signs: This is the first thing you should know when replacing batteries, as the symbols will inform you in which direction the battery should be positioned or charged.

So, before putting in the battery, check the battery’s positive and negative charge. They are usually located at the battery’s ends.

  1. Insert the battery properly: Now that you have located the battery’s charge symbols. You may now insert it into the compartment. To properly do this, make sure that the battery’s negative charge end will be inserted first. The negative charge usually has a metal spring attached to it.

Always remember, while putting and replacing batteries, it should be like for like. The positive end goes to the positive charge, while the negative end of the battery goes to the negative charge where the metal spring is.

And voila! You now have perfectly working Oculus Quest 2 Controllers! Say goodbye to the frustrating, bad, or completely broken batteries, and start enjoying your VR experience again!

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