What Switches Does Clix Use? Clix Keyboard Switches & Gaming Setup

Cody Conrod is one of the best pro-Fortnite players who plays for Misfits Gaming.

Fortnite is a battle royale game unlike any other. Talent alone won’t go you far if you don’t practice daily. Pros train with their settings until they become second nature. His codename CLIX earned an incredible record in the majority of the competitions in which his group competed. During his live streams, he has shown his prowess in the game.

Clix dominates practically all online tournaments he enters and frequently streams on Twitch. Despite being removed from the platform in late 2019, he still gets roughly 12,000 viewers per broadcast.

Since a gamer’s keyboard (and the type of switches it has) plays a crucial role in one’s gaming performance, most of the pros in the gaming world are still wondering what keyboard setup and keyboard switches Clix uses. If you are a gamer, have you ever wondered about it too?

So, What switches does Clix use? What keyboard does he use? What is Clix’s entire gaming setup? Let us see everything

What Switches does Clix use? Clix Keyboard Switches

What Switches do Clix use?

Clix uses CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile switches in his setup. With this model, CHERRY MX has managed to introduce the ultra-low-profile mechanical switch into its own portfolio. The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile also combines the established MX switch feature set with different qualities, making it a game-changer for the industry.

Cherry MX Blue is a popular choice among a large number of professional gamers. When you check the lists of the greatest Fortnite gamers or the best pro Warzone players, you’ll notice many utilize keyboards with the switches described above.

The switches are fantastic for gaming since they react quickly. They’re also receptive. This tactile reaction helps you know what buttons to press in-game. The switches on a gaming keyboard may make or break it. Mechanical keyboards are better for gaming than membranes, but utilizing Clix keyboard gaming switches can improve things even more.

This allows him to perform well in competitive games like Fortnite. But his entire setup is vital. This is Clix’s Fortnite setup. This is how he gets that high-competitive level performance out of the game. Of course, to properly utilize that setup, you’d need to be as good as Clix. Regardless, Clix’s keyboard and setup help him get the most out of the game.

So for his keyboard, Clix is using a Matrix Elite Series 60% gaming keyboard. However, his is unique. The keys on a conventional keyboard are RGB colored. This makes it suitable for a wide range of gaming PCs, yet the Clix keyboard is special. The Clix keyboard is the Matric Elite Series, but Clix has its own version like many pros. The keyboard is mostly black with red keys on the left and right edges. Matrix sells a standard keyboard and one that is a perfect match for the player’s keyboard. 

What PC does Clix use? Clix Gaming Setup

Clix’s accomplishments earned him a position with Misfits Gaming in March 2019 and many qualifications for the Solo and Duo Fortnite World Cup Championship finals in 2019. All of this, plus his 18th solo and 35th pair finals places, helped him become one of the most popular Fortnite streamers on Twitch. He still achieves high rankings in online tournaments.

Thus it is obviously interesting to learn about Clix’s gaming setup.

In the setup, Clix has an Alienware 25 AW2518Hf for its monitor. On the other hand, the AW2518Hf has a 1ms grey-to-grey response time and a 240Hz refresh rate. It works with all operating systems and uses AMD Free Sync to eliminate tearing and broken frames. Stand height is adjustable from 0 to 130mm, tilt is 5 to 25, the swivel is 20 to 20, and pivot is 90°. It is also VESA 100mm wall mountable. It includes an HDMI cable, USB 3.0 upstream cable, and cable cover.

Coming to the mouse, Clix is using an Air58 FinalMouse (The ambidextrous Air58 x Ninja gaming mouse in Cherry Blossom Red and Mystic Blue). These are limited edition, Ninja-designed mice that are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to buy. It is a non-RGB mouse that weighs roughly 58g (2oz) because of the hexagonal perforations in its solid plastic body. Toggling between 400, 800, 1600, and 3200dpi can be done with a DPI button below the scroll wheel. It also contains a 1.78m (70″) braided Bungie.

Clix’s headphones are Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO. Clix wears the grey Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones, which are simply cosmetic. The left earpiece has a 3m (118 inches) coiled 14 inch (6.4mm) TRS jack cable. The memory foam-filled ear pads are wrapped in velour, while the adjustable headband is upholstered in leatherette. The ear cups are plastic, but the rest of the chassis is metal. The open-backed ear-cups allow some sound to leave and some background noise to filter in. They are effective in a gaming setting because they reduce the amount of sound pressure on the user’s eardrums. • V-shaped frequency response of 5–35,000Hz; • 250Ohm impedance. Depending on the sale or seller, the 80Ohm variant adds $20-40 to the price.

Clix is using a hyper X QuadCast microphone. It is a USB condenser microphone that works on PC, Mac, and PS4 platforms. The polar patterns are Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, and Stereo. The on-body knob effortlessly toggles between them. It also includes a built-in pop filter, a tap-to-mute sensor, and an LED indicator on its head. In terms of sensitivity, it is -36bB (1V/Pa at 1kHz). No audio interface is required as it is plug-and-play. The sensitivity may be changed using the control knob on the body. The HyperX QuadCast also comes with a shock mount and desk stand, using another microphone stand or boom arm. It also includes a built-in headphone connector with 32 Ohm nominal impedance and 20 – 2,000Hz frequency response.


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