How to Connect Two Controllers to PS4? Connecting Second PS4 Controller to PS4

Many PS4 gamers buy a second controller to play multiplayer games on PS4. However, many PS4 owners have been asking me how to connect two PS4 controllers at the same time? How can I connect my 2nd ps4 controller to ps4?

These questions have been asked for almost a year, but very few people have the exact answer. After all, the official site doesn’t say anything about this. So, one of our readers asked me to write the article on how to connect two ps4 controllers at the same time?

In this post, I am going to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to connect two controllers to PS4. We will show you how to easily connect a second or multiple PS4 Controllers to your PlayStation 4 so you don’t have to play on your own anymore!

How to Connect Two Controllers to PS4? How to Connect a Second PS4 Controller?

How to use Two controllers on PS4? (At the Same Time)

If you have two controllers for your PlayStation 4, then it’s time to learn how to properly set them up and sync both of them with a USB cable. You can use either one or even both of these wireless controllers at any given moment – connected simultaneously, of course. So let’s check out how it works!

1) Connect your controller to the system via USB cable.

2) Turn on the PlayStation 4 with the controller connected (This needs to be done only for the first time you connect a controller or if you want to completely switch between controllers or have them both connected at once.)

3) Hold down the PlayStation button. The light bar will illuminate White/Blue.

4) Select “Controller Setup” from the Quick Menu. This option can also be found within System Settings.

5) Follow the on-screen instructions within Controller Setup to complete the setup of this controller as a primary device*  (as long as no other input devices are already configured). It should only take a few seconds.

6) Then press and hold the SHARE button on this same controller to pair it with the system (the controller should vibrate)

7) Hold down PlayStation Button again for two seconds until the light bar turns White/Purple.

8) Select “Register Controller.” This option can also be found within System Settings (but may not be available if more than one input device is already set up).

9) Select “Add New” followed by selecting Yes when asked, “Would you like to register another controller?” It will then ask you to press the PS button of your second controller – once that’s done, select OK and after a couple of seconds, both controllers should now appear in the list under “Device List.”

10) Make sure both devices are now showing “Connected” before you start using them.

11)  Now that your controllers have been set up as primary and secondary, simply follow steps 1-5 to switch between the two or connect another controller for simultaneous play.

You can use a second controller only if you want to play multiplayer on PS4, which is not possible with just one controller. However if you want to use it as a 2nd player in some games then the above tutorial will help you how to make this happen.

So now we know how to pair our 2nd Ps4 Controller, let’s try to understand if it is possible to connect and use two Ps4 Controller at the same time on one PS4?

How to use Two controllers on PS4? (At the Same Time)

How to Connect Two Controllers to PS4? how to connect a second ps4 controller?

If you have a second controller then it’s pretty easy to connect a second or multiple controllers to your PlayStation 4 so you don’t have to play on your own anymore!

Now, What if I want to play multiplayer games on ps4 with two ps4 controllers, Can we do that too without any extra equipment? Great question! And the answer is “Yes” as well. You will need some third-party hardware like Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U and PC which allows you to use wireless controller(s) on the console with ease.

This adapter uses the wireless dongle from the original controller so it doesn’t need a Bluetooth connection to the console. It is also one of the cheapest PS4 Gamecube adapters you can find on e-commerce sites like Amazon and other retailers.

Final Thoughts

You can use your second controller on ps4 in so many ways, Depending on the game you are playing. Some games support 2-players split-screen mode where one player uses a secondary controller to assist the main player. Other multiplayer games allow you to have two separate controllers for each player.

Sony made it pretty easy to connect multiple controllers with your console but keep in mind that you cannot use both of them simultaneously if they are wireless because there is no option within Dualshock 4 itself to turn off any one controller, thanks for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.

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