What Does Sigma Say When He Ults? Sigma Ult Voice Line (Overwatch 2)

Sigma is a tank hero character in the Overwatch 2 game who possesses a unique set of abilities that make him a formidable opponent. His ultimate ability is one of the most powerful in the game, and it is accompanied by a phrase that may seem unfamiliar to many players. In this article, we will dive into what he exactly says and what it means.

So, What is Sigma Ultimate voice line? What does Sigma actually say when he ults? What does it mean and how to pronounce it correctly? Well, let’s find out..

Sigma’s Ultimate Ability

Sigma’s ultimate ability in Overwatch 2 is called ‘Gravitic Flux’. In French, it is called “Flux gravitationnel,” which means the same thing as “Gravitic Flux” in English.

To understand Sigma’s ultimate and what he says when he activates his ultimate ability, we must first delve into his backstory. Sigma, whose real name is Siebren de Kuiper, was once a renowned astrophysicist. He was conducting an experiment to harness the power of black holes when he was exposed to a massive amount of gravitational energy. The experiment went wrong, and Sigma was transformed into a superhuman with the power to manipulate gravity.

The phrase “Gravitic Flux” refers to the manipulation of gravity in a localized area, which is precisely what Sigma’s ultimate does. It harnesses the power of gravity and creates a massive gravitational flux that lifts all enemies in the area into the air, making them vulnerable to attacks. The ability can be devastating when used correctly and can change the tide of a battle in seconds.

What does Sigma say when he Ults? Sigma Ult Voice Line

First, it is worth noting that Sigma’s ultimate has different versions in various languages. If you are interested, you can watch this video, where you can hear Sigma saying different phrases in various languages.

In the english version, When Sigma activates his ultimate ability, he exclaims, “Het universum zingt voor mij!” in a deep, booming voice. This phrase may sound strange to those who are not familiar with it, but it holds a significant meaning that adds depth to the character of Sigma.

However, the Sigma voice line’s vagueness allows for plenty of creative interpretations, which only adds to the depth and intrigue of Sigma’s character.

Of course, the voice line itself is short and straightforward, but it has a significant impact on the gameplay. The voice line serves as a warning to the enemy team, signaling that Sigma is about to unleash his ultimate, giving them time to prepare and coordinate their attacks.

What is the correct way to pronounce Sigma Ult line?

The correct way to pronounce the phrase is “het yoo-nee-ver-soom zingt voor may.” The phrase is in Dutch, and the pronunciation may be tricky for those who are not familiar with the language. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to say.

Additionally, the voice actor for Sigma, Boris Hiestand, has spoken about his approach to delivering the ult voice line. In an interview with InvenGlobal, he stated that he focused on creating a sense of gravity and power behind the phrase. He also noted that he had to keep the pronunciation consistent throughout his lines, even when saying the phrase multiple times in one match.

What language is it, and what is its true translation into English?

As already said, the phrase “Het universum zingt voor mij!” is in Dutch, a language spoken in the Netherlands and parts of Belgium. When translated into English, it means, “The universe sings for me!” This phrase may seem vague, but it carries a powerful meaning that reflects Sigma’s character.

On the other hand, Sigma’s ultimate ability “Gravictic Flux” sounds like it could be from a real language, but it is actually a made-up phrase. It has elements of both Latin and English, with “Gravitic” coming from “gravity” and “Flux” meaning a change or flow. The phrase “Gravitic Flux” in English refers to the manipulation of gravity in a specific area, as mentioned before.

What does Sigma’s Ultimate line actually mean?

What Does Sigma Say When He Ults? Sigma Ult Voice Line (Overwatch 2)
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Sigma’s ultimate ability, along with the phrase he utters, reflects his character’s lore and backstory. When Sigma exclaims, “Het universum zingt voor mij!” during his ultimate, he proclaims his power over the universe and the forces that govern it.

In essence, Sigma’s statement reflects his god complex, his belief that he is in control of the universe and its workings. Sigma’s statement also reflects his arrogance and his willingness to use his powers for his benefit, regardless of the consequences.

Sigma sees himself as a superior being, and he is not afraid to use his abilities to achieve his goals, even if it means causing harm to others. He is willing to sacrifice his enemies for his benefit, and his statement when he activates his ultimate ability reflects this mindset.

Final Words

Sigma’s ult voice line is “Het universum zingt voor mij!” which translates to “The universe sings for me!” in English. It’s spoken in Dutch and highlights Sigma’s god-like power and control over the universe.

Whether you’re a fan of Overwatch 2 or just interested in the game’s unique characters and voice lines, now you know what Sigma says when he activates his ultimate ability. So go forth and wreak havoc on the battlefield, knowing that the universe is singing in unison with your actions!

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